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Peony Rose

Peony Rose

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Welcome to our enchanting world of Floral Peony Candles, where the delicate allure of blooming peonies meets the soothing embrace of candlelight. Each candle in our collection is a celebration of nature's elegance and the timeless beauty of these exquisite flowers.

Hand-poured with precision and care, our Floral Peony Candles capture the essence of a flourishing garden in every flicker. The captivating aroma of fresh peonies fills the air, creating an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation. Whether you're seeking to elevate your space with a touch of nature's grace or looking for the perfect gift, our Floral Peony Candles are a testament to the art of blending fragrance and design.

Immerse yourself in the world of floral enchantment and explore our selection today. Let the Floral Peony Candle illuminate your moments with the essence of spring's most beloved blooms, bringing a sense of beauty and tranquility to your space.

Dimensions: 8cm width, 3.5 cm height , 90g. 

Please be aware that subtle variations in color may arise because of diverse monitor settings and distinct lighting conditions, enhancing the distinctive allure of each piece.

Embracing the artistry of handcraftsmanship, our candles boast individuality, with the possibility of charming air bubbles that underscore their handmade origin. The rich tapestry of our candles' hues may not be explicitly specified in your order notes; in such cases, rest assured that our discerning judgment will guide the selection process.

Occasionally, you might observe a captivating phenomenon known as "frosting" on your candle's surface. This organic occurrence, inherent to vegetable waxes, imparts an enchanting stone-like texture. It is a testament to the candle's natural essence as the wax crystallizes in its journey to return to its authentic state. This enthralling metamorphosis in no way compromises the candle's performance; rather, it underscores its entirely natural composition.

Delight in our fragrances, meticulously curated with an unwavering commitment to quality and ethical practices. Our collection showcases an array of cruelty-free fragrance oils, each possessing a distinct potency that contributes to an indulgent sensory experience. Further insights into these olfactory treasures can be found on our Fragrances page.

Emanating from our candle studio is an opulent assortment, where each creation is lovingly poured to order. This bespoke approach infuses every candle with an inimitable touch, encompassing both its form and color. Please recognize that the artisanal nature of our process may result in subtle tonal variations, adding to the character of your chosen piece. Moreover, certain fragrances exert a subtle influence on the candle's hue, accentuating its exclusivity.

Should your heart desire a particular shade or if queries about color preferences arise, we extend a warm invitation to connect with us. Our dedicated team stands ready to provide personalized guidance, ensuring your journey with our candles is as distinctive as the glow they emit.

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