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Gifting Personalization

Gifting Personalization

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Elevate your gift-giving experience with our personalized vinyl option, adding a touch of thoughtfulness to every present. Explore the art of customization as you seamlessly merge sentiment with style, transforming ordinary gift boxes into cherished keepsakes.

Our easy-to-use personalization feature allows you to create a unique sticker that speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness. From names to special messages, choose the font, colour, and design that resonate with the personality of the recipient. Watch as your personalized stickers transform a simple gift box into a meaningful expression of care and attention to detail.

Whether you're celebrating birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion, our customizable stickers offer a creative way to make your gifts stand out. Attach a sticker that reflects the recipient's tastes or the occasion itself, turning the act of giving into a truly personalized experience.

With the option to personalize stickers, you're not just presenting a gift; you're creating a moment. Enhance the joy of giving by adding a thoughtful touch that lingers in the memory long after the gift has been unwrapped. Explore the possibilities of customization and make every gift-giving experience uniquely yours.

Please Note: You are allowed two changes to your design prior to cutting free of charge, any further design changes will incorporate a surge fee of R15/Change. 

Should you have a design of your choosing, please reach out to us prior


  • Extra Small- 7x5cm maximum (LxW) 
  • Small- 12x8.5cm maximum (LxW)
  • Medium- 18x14cm maximum (LxW)
  • Large- 25x18cm maximum (LxW)
  • X-Large- 30x25cm maximum (LxW)
  • Custom- Please reach out to us with your requirements and we will gladly be open to discuss further options
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